Conference ticket Of course, you will have access to the entire conference

Travel (only for the conference format) We cover up to 250€ for people coming from Europe (more if from outside of Europe)

Accomodation We offer you up to 2 nights in a nice Hotel at walking distance of the conference venue

Speaker dinner You will be invited at the speaker dinner that usually happens the night before the conference


  • Big Data / ML / AI : Big Data, Machine Learning, AI
  • Cloud/infra : GCP, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes etc.
  • IoT
  • Languages : talk related to a specific language e.g: Rust, Golang, Swift etc.
  • Methods & Tools : Craftsmanship, DevOps, CD, CI, IaC (Infrastructure as Code) etc.
  • Native mobile apps : Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter etc.
  • Web : PWA, Web Components, services workers etc.
  • UX
  • WTF and other : if your talk does not fit in any of the previous categories.
  • Lightning talks: 20 minutes, no questions.
  • Conferences, 50 minutes including questions.
Yes but 2 maximum (you included). On the CFP website, fill in the e-mail of the other speaker, they must have previously registered on the CFP with the same address.
We are a non profit conference, organized by volonteers so please, if your company can afford your travel and accomodation or if you are GDE/MVP, please use that instead.
If no one can afford your travel, we will get the plane/train tickets for you. As soons as you are selected, please send us the list of prefered journey and we will get it for you.
We have more and more propositions every year. Last year we had around 500 propositions
There is no specific format. However we dare you to place the word “chocolatine” in your slides!
To understand the reference:
Tickets sell very fast, but don’t worry, we reserve tickets for speakers that are not selected.
The price will be the normal price.